Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

We offer steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods for upholstery and furniture.

Sofa Cleaning, Loveseat Cleaning, Chair Cleaning, Sectional Sofa Cleaning, Dining Room Chairs, Office Chairs, Oriental Rugs, Chase, Ottoman. Leather Sofas, Loveseats, and Chairs can be cleaned and conditioned.

We love to clean Microfiber Upholstery. Its ability to bounce back from gruesome staining and soiling is quite amazing with our Dry Cleaning Method combined with, enzymes, sanitizers, and deodorizers.

Dry Cleaning Method: Safe for all fabrics, using natural soaps and dry-clean fabric safe chemicals. Can remove soiling and stains such as pet urine, vomit, and body oil. Also typically removes food and drink stains such as coffee, red wine, soda, and spaghetti sauce. Is an excellent cleaning for former smokers wishing to have nicotine and smoke residue removed from their furniture? Furniture can also deodorize and sanitized for greater results.

Steam Cleaning Method: Only Safe for Water Washable Fabrics. Only the application of hot water and subsequent extraction. For aggressive soil and stain removal, the “Dry Cleaning Method” has to be used.

To treat for ink, makeup, stains dry cleaning method must be purchased.

For fabrics, it is safe for, we can apply an enzyme treatment at no additional cost when both the Dry Cleaning Method as well as Sanitizers and Deodorizers are purchased. The enzyme will smell wonderfully sweet as it breaks down the bacteria, starches, glucose, protein, and foreign hydrocarbons present in your furniture.

We do not clean Silk fabrics.