Wood Floor Cleaning

Buffing, Polish, Conditioning, and Protection.

The floor is the first mop to ensure the removal of foreign matter and possibly damaging matter and then floor is then buffed for a general cleaning removing heavy dust, dirt, debris, spilled paint, light scuffs, impurities etc..

Wood floor is then conditioned using a cocktail for the wood that both conditions, moisturizes, preserves and cleans the wood. This helps remove settled soiling(soiling and staining agents unable to be reached by the general cleaning).The soiling and debris is lifted to the surface for removal.

Wood is then buffed again to remove raised soiling and marrying agents. Wood is then mopped again to to remove any films of soil or residue before the wood is protected with a hard surface wood protector that helps the wood’s natural luster shine.

The hard surface protector is excellent for wood floors as it creates a protective shield against minor scuffing and scratching. On floors that have been protected, the regular cleaning and mopping of the wood floor will help maintain its shine and healthy appearance far longer than if it had not been protected.

Additional services for wood floors are available at no additional cost when $300 or more of services are used. An estimate has to be scheduled beforehand so we may attain the necessary materials.

(Additional Service)-In addition to cleaning there is also the removal of foreign matter when possible (debris left from adhesives with any attached material such as wood, plastic, and metal). Sometimes stains like wall paint have to be carved out.

(Additional Service)-Also available is the treatment of abrasions and dents in the wood, available at home owner’s consent. Abrasions and dents will be patched and stained as needed and as the condition of the abrasions and dents allow. An estimate has to be scheduled in order for this service to be performed.

$.60 Per Square Foot. Purchase up to 1,000 Square Feet and get another 1,000 Square Feet same day only for free in the same home. Whatever Square Footage you don’t use can be credited same day towards cleaning for carpet, tile and grout, furniture, and vehicle interior cleaning.

Wood Floor Cleaning Special. Buffing, Polish, Conditioning, and Protection. Email us for admin@stevedinglecleaning.com for a free estimate and demonstration.
Wood Floor is initially mopped and cleaned to remove large surface debris.

Wood Floor is then conditioned and buffed to restore the wood floor healthy appearance.

Wood Floor is then buffed and cleaned to polish and remove embedded soiling and filth.

Wood Floor is then mopped again to ensure the cleanliness and complete debris removal.

Wood Floor is then protected with a wax coating to seal in the wood floor luster and restore shine. The wax coating will help act as a protective shield against minor scuffs and friction for years.

$.38 Per Square Foot with $15 per Square Foot Credit for Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Services. I.E. 500 Square Feet Provides the Same Day credit of $75 to be used towards carpet and furniture cleaning.

1000 Square Feet for $350. Same day credit for $250 in other services. $.30 Per Square Foot for additional Square Footage ($.30 per Square Foot Same Day credit for additional carpet and furniture cleaning services).