Tiles and Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning, Polishing, Scrubbing, and Sealing/Protection

Our Tiles and Grout Cleaning process is entirely the process. We first prepare your grout lines with custom detailed chemical treatments as not one size fits all. Mold in grout lines may need to be treated. Grease and soiling commonly have to be addressed. Mineral deposits may need to be treated and removed. And sometimes our technicians have to get on their hands and knees to scrub and heal your grout by hand.

Once your grout lines are prepared, we proceed to scrub and polish your tile with a high-speed buffing. This removes surface films of oils, grease, dirty soiling, and luster robbing stains. We use an emulsifier to treat your tile. Then we proceed to steam clean and sanitize your grout lines. Heated water at a high psi is used to remove the chemicals and all the filth and nastiness those substances have treated and loosened in your grout lines. A noticeable improvement is typically immediately apparent, especially after the grout lines have dried. After that, we use the Rotovac 360 to scrub and remove the chemicals and the dirty soiling it has treated and loosened on your tile.

In the heated water, we use OSHA compliant sanitizers graded for schools and hospitals to sanitize your grout and tile while killing and preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria


When the clay has been completely dried, we seal and protect the Tiles and Grout Cleaning lines to avoid quick re-soiling and staining of tile and grout lines.

$.60 Per Square Foot.Purchase up to 1,000 Square Feet and get another 1,000 Square Feet same day only for free in the same home. Whatever Square Footage you don’t use can be credited same day towards cleaning for carpet, wood floor, furniture, and vehicle interior cleaning.

For example: If you have 1,400 Square Feet of Tile in your home, you will only pay $600. You can that same day only uses up to another $360 in services for free. So if you have three rooms of carpet you might want to have us perform our “Corrective Carpet Cleaning” on, you’d still have $210 left to clean your furniture and vehicle interiors.