Stone Cleaning

Terrazzo and Natural Stone Cleaning

Terrazzo and Stone cannot typically be cleaned in fashions similar to tile.

In Straight and Simple‚Äôs own experience, we have found that competitor’s typically only offering to strip and waxing Terrazzo and Stone. Straight and Simple offers a less expensive and invasive alternative in addition to stripping and waxing from. Many times Terrazzo and Natural Stone that is deemed to need to be stripped and waxed, can actually be polished and steam cleaned, and then subsequently protected with a wax and sealant.

Stripping and Waxing, typically requires a good deal of focus and attention that forces a large amount of labor time, expense, and potential for re-striping. Stripping and waxing are typically necessary where aggressive adhesives have been used to tile, carpet, or put on other surfaces over the Terrazzo and Stone. Sometimes though where soiling, staining, and discoloration have become impacted in the Terrazzo, stripping and waxing is also required.