Why do you offer multiple services for cleaning carpet?

It’s straightforward. Not every room of carpet requires the same level of cleaning that others may. Some bedrooms may be incredibly filthy while other may not be. When one place takes only ten minutes to clean, and another takes an hour, it’s not fair to the customer to charge the same rate. One bedroom may require me to get on my hands and knees to treat special stains while one room may just expect me to walk in after processing it and steam clean it.

What do you mean that I should ask if you can beat competitors by 40%?

Well, I mean just that. Go to a competitor’s website like Stanley Steemer, do an online quote as they have on their site. Get the price and feel free to call me to see if I can beat their pricing by 40%. A good example is on their website to clean, deodorize, and protect a ‘Family Room,”Master Bedroom,’ and a ‘Bedroom’ they want $228. So I would perform what I would consider the equivalent of those services plus an enzyme pretreatment for 40% less. So the final price would be $136.

What is a fuel surcharge?

Gas got reasonably expensive, so I charge a flat $10 added to the final price of each job. If you ordered $90 worth of work, then the list price is $100. Some competitors I’ve been told tell their customers it’s a sales tax, but if you do your research, you might find that’s not the case. I keep mine a flat $10 where some competitors charge an additional 7-10% for each job. If you are having $200 worth of work done by a competitor you could be paying an extra $14-20 when handed the bill. With me, it’d just be $10 every time. But I tell you in advance and don’t try to hide it.

What do you charge for hallways?

Typically I don’t if a customer is purchasing services for more than one room of carpet and the hallway connects the two rooms. If one place is on one side of the house from the other than I don’t include a corridor. Some competitors charge for a hallway the same price they charge for a room. Typically if a customer wants an errant hallway cleaned I take a look at the total sum of services and sometimes throw it in for free, or maybe charge one third the price of services they’ve used on the rooms of carpet they have had cleaned.

Do you clean rugs for the same price as carpet?

It depends really. I’ve seen folks make area rugs out of new carpet they had to be used in rooms of hardwood floors, tile, stone, etc.. If the rug started out its existence as carpet, then I just charge the same price for the carpet depending on its size if its 100-300 square feet total. If it says only 25 square feet, I apply a proportionate amount to a 100 square feet of carpet. If a customer paid $30 for 100 square feet of carpet then for the same cleaning on a 20-foot square foot total rug, they only pay $6 for the same cleaning.

Will you clean rugs that are down on carpet at the same price as you clean carpet?

Typically no, and for a lot of good reasons. Chiefly being that if a rug can’t be steam cleaned or its fabric is chemically sensitive or vulnerable to our chemicals, our chemicals may irreversibly damage or destroy the carpet. Oriental rugs are a good example. Oriental rugs or somewhat natural fiber rugs like those of cotton or lambskin cannot withstand chemicals typically used in carpet cleaning. They should only be cleaned with natural soaps that are deemed dry clean safe. The substances should have soda ash or chlorine as a byproduct of their use, even in trace amounts. Using non-dry cleaning chemicals on dry clean only rugs can result in significant orange spots on the carpets that may not ever come out. Also, it can cause the running of colors.

Why do you charge extra for Dupont Teflon?

It’s quite easy. I mainly put down a lot, I typically use a hand sprayer and give one short spray of fine mist every square foot or so. So if you have 100 square feet, you’ll likely see me pull the trigger 100 times. I don’t use a typical sprayer and just run a quick hose down in a room like I’ve seen done by some competitors. I don’t see how that is a uniform spray or how it went down thick enough to protect the carpet in any real way.

If you want low prices, then look for cheap chemicals. Some competitors either charge $22 per room for “protection” or they load $.30-35 per square foot, so I’d like to think that $10 per room for up to 300 Square feet is fairly competitive.



Honestly, in my personal opinion, it’s a waste of money for the customer. For some competitor’s I’ve found it is little more than a ploy, in my opinion, to get out to your house and upsell you. I’ve had customers tell me they booked a competitor to clean their couch and for the same services I offered the competitor wanted $300. My $100 versus a competitor’s $300, hmmm.

Also not all furniture can be steam cleaned, you should look at the cleaning instructions on your furniture to see whether or not steam cleaning is safe for it as not all fabrics are, especially silks and cotton, or what is known as a tapestry. While I’ve had customers tell me that they’ve had the furniture steam cleaned before, that doesn’t mean I’ll do it. Only because I don’t want to exacerbate further any damaged conditions in the upholstery that is naked to the human eye alone.

I’m of the opinion that to correctly have furniture/upholstery cleaned you have to sanitize it, deodorize it, treat it for stains and soiling, and then to protect it with DuPont Teflon. Customers have told me time and time again how their furniture has looked like new after I’ve gotten done cleaning it. And yes if I’m already on the job I can test spot the furniture for them so they can see if it is worth it to them to have it cleaned.

Can you get out all stains?

No. Bleach stains are damage to the carpet. The bleach removes the color so it can’t precisely be cleaned out. Sometimes bleach will also appear as orange spots because of rust/oxidation(I’ve seen past tenants damage a homeowner’s carpet by trying to clean it with bleach). Also, some dyes do not come out because they use harsh ammonia that remove the original color of carpet and replace it with the color. Thus the stain cannot be gotten out. Then there are sharpies, permanent marker, and they are just that, permanent. Sometimes permanent marker can be lightened if not removed, but there is no guarantee when it comes to lasting stamp.

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

I don’t offer guarantees on paper. Not all grout lines, a piece of carpet, or hardwood floor can be restored to like-new condition. Grout lines that haven’t been cleaned for 12 years(oh yes I’ve dealt with such requirements) or carpet that has fiber wear and so color wear, and hardwood floors that have had significant patches of wood removed from the level, are sometimes beyond restoration. They can be cleaned, they can be improved, but they can’t always be restored, and I don’t work for free.

I offer a free demo of carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, etc., and the customer is free to make their choices from there.

If the cleaning is a “Full Service” cleaning, then I’ll go back for free and retreat odors and stains up to two times.