Carpet Cleaning

You might ask what a corrective carpet cleaning is. Well, it’s something we learned to when confronting the most heavily stained and soiled carpet and make it look as close to new as humanly possible barring physical wear and tear to the carpet. It requires a lot more time, labor, expense, and chemicals than our usual Carpet Cleaning. A good technician can run four to five fully upgraded carpet cleaning specials a day. Where in comparison to a corrective carpet cleaning like our Class Corrective Carpet Cleaning, a good technician may only be able to two jobs with four rooms each. Why? Because that’s how intense and sophisticated the cleanings are. Chemicals have to dwell, they have to be balanced, and they have to be removed. We use chemicals designed and aimed at treating not just the carpet but the pad underneath where mold, mildew, foul odors, and filth may be originating from.

Another key difference is the high-speed scrub we perform. We use non-bleaching oxidizers in tandem with very powerful enzymes that are designed to break down and break up mold, mildew, blood, coffee, stains, and red wine stains. As the scrubbing head lays down a High RPM scrub it also putting down a cocktail of oxidizers, enzymes, and natural soaps to work the filth and nastiness in your carpet into a froth to be removed with our rinse process that typically leaves carpet looking bright and healthy. The Scrub can typically double the time of a job as it has to be done with a keen eye and patience. Typically after the scrub has been performed, what the carpet will look like is ascertainable as nearly all removable stains disappear. For stubborn stains like permanent marker, paints, and non-ammonia based dyes, and coloring markers we use specialized chemicals which we work into the carpet manually(yes our technicians get on their hands and knees with cleaning brushes to treat these stains in your carpet). The Corrective Cleaning should really be considered more of a “Carpet Treatment” with how we do it. Because it is very time, labor, skill, and chemical expense intense we naturally have to charge more. For many years the Corrective Cleaning has been the crown jewel in our cleaning superiority, and it still is.


Per Room $50. Per Hallway $20

Steve Ding Carpet Cleaning Protection is $.10 per Square Foot When You Purchase this Cleaning.

Service Breakdown:

First:             Application of Intensive Enzyme to break up mold, heavy soiling, food and drink stains. then a necessary dwell time

Second:         Pre-Spray Application of odor killing and eliminating sanitizers and deodorizers.

Third:            Another period of dwell time.

Fourth:         Pre-Spray Application of Soil Lifters

Fifth:               Pre-Spray Application of Stain Neutralizers

Sixth:              High-Speed Scrub with Oxidizers, Powerful Enzymes, and Natural Shampoos

Seventh:          Allowance for sufficient dwell time so that chemicals may break down stains and heavy soiling.

Eighth:            If necessary perform any touch-ups

Ninth:             Treatments for stubborn stains

Tenth:            Extraction of Chemicals Carpet Steam Rinse.  Rinse Includes Carpet Brightening Agents. Carpet and Pad Sanitizing for Mold and Bacteria